Фондация на бизнеса за образованието – Business Foundation for Education

Who we are?

Business Foundation for Education (BFE) is a Bulgarian non-government organization, established in 2005 to act in public interest. Its mission is to facilitate the development of the civil society through initiatives that enhance human resource competitiveness and contribute to economic development and prosperity. To achieve its goals the Foundation implements variety of projects focused in the fields of lifelong learning, guidance counseling, employment and social policy, vocational education and youth work. The Foundation is a recognized leader in the field of lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria. The organization is a keen promoter of the guidance counseling profession. Its initiatives helped raise the awareness of decision makers, education experts, employers, headmasters and of the general public about the benefits of lifelong guidance for all generations. BFE represents the National Board for Certified Counselors in Bulgaria, one of the biggest US-based counseling organizations in the world that introduced recently their programs in Europe. Since 2005 BFE has trained and certified over 1000 career counselors under the Global Career Development Facilitator program, thus developing capacity for guidance counseling services in more than 600 schools, 10 youth centers, 36 universities and more than 100 private companies and public organizations in Bulgaria.


What we do?

BFE cooperates closely with the Ministry of Education, the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, the Employment Agency, the Bulgarian Association of Career Counselors and other institutions. BFE has established a network of 36 university career centres that helps thousands of young people annually develop career management and employability skills and find a job. BFE has launched a national internships web platform, trained mentors in SMEs and universities, elaborated internship methodologies and helped thousands of young Bulgarians gain professional experience during their course of study and improve their employability.


Best practices

  • NELLII – Network for Effective Life Long Initiatives and Information

KA1 European Cooperation in Education and Training, 2012

Coordinator: Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Bulgaria

  • GOL – Guidance Online

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, 2012

Adapting an innovative instrument for online career guidance

Coordinator: DEP Institut, Spain

  • Enjoy Language

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, 2011

Motivating language learning in Tourism sector through informal learning

Coordinator: FOLK, Sweden

  • Green Emplоyability – A synergic transfer of a VET training system for workplace basic skills with ecological sustainability awareness in three European countries

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, 2011-1-BG1-LEO05-05046

Coordinator: Vocational School in Electronics and Energy – Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria

  • AdValue – Training and Validation of Adults’ Transferable Skills


Development of training program and validation system for 10 transferable skills

Coordinator: BFE

  • LINK – Career Services for Better Jobs

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of innovation, N-2010-1-BG1-LEO05-03102

Improving the access and quality of career services for clients in risk

Coordinator: BFE

  • WBS – Web Based Job Search Support


Coordinator: ASEV, Italy

  • TANDEM – How to establish intergenerational and inter-cultural communication and how to provide for transfer and transparency of competences in VET

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, LLP-LdV/TOI/2009-1-NO1-LEO05-01045

Coordinator: Stavanger Kommune, Norway

  • LET’s – Let seniors teach sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through innovative multimedia storytelling approaches

Grundtvig, 2009-3665/001–001

Coordinator: E.Ri.Fo., Italy

  • Joy&Learn – Festivals and Calendar of Lifelong Learning in Bulgaria

KA1 European Cooperation in Education and Training, 2009-5142/001-001

Promoting the opportunities, pleasure and benefits of lifelong learning to Bulgarian citizens

Coordinator: BFE

Key Activities 2, 2008-4283/001-001

Motivating young people to learn foreign languages using their hobbies

Coordinator: VHS Cham, Germany

Grundtvig, 2008-3468/001-001

Development of methodology and training movies in YouTube format for promoting learners’ autonomy

Coordinator: ROC Nijmegen, Netherlands

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, 2008-1-SE1-LEO05-00423

Coordinator: FOLK, Швеция

  • L3 – Learning to learn network for low skilled senior workers

Leonardo da Vinci, 2008-1-IT1-LEO04-00006

Promoting lifelong learning to adults

Coordinator: E.Ri.Fo., Italy

  • EMEVOC – E-Manual for Educational and Vocational Counseling

Leonardo da Vinci, Trabsfer of Innovation


Coordinator: ISMA, Latvia

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