How about some learning? Join new EAEA courses in 2023-24

From (re)discovering the foundations of adult learning, to getting to know grassroots perspectives on green transition, or practising designing projects, EAEA is launching training programmes on a variety of topics relevant to adult learning professionals across Europe. While some of them will take place face-to-face and will give you an opportunity for networking, others will be held fully online and will allow you to explore the course at your own pace.

Join new EAEA online courses this autumn

This autumn, EAEA will launch three new online courses. The course on Introduction to adult learning in Europe will introduce you to the very concept of non-formal adult learning, and how adult learning is practiced across the continent. Through a series of short videos and complementary reading activities, you will explore inspiring methods and approaches that foster learning among adults from all walks of life: from community education in Ireland, to learning in libraries in Ukraine. The course will include four modules, which will be made available online between September and December.

In parallel, EAEA will invite you to discover grassroots perspectives on how adult learning can support green transition. In our new podcast Beyond Learning, we’ll be meeting learners and educators to talk about stories of learning, and stories of change. We’ll visit science exhibitions, community gardens, local festivals and celebrations, and other learning spaces to discuss how adult learning is already making an impact on individual lives and communities. We hope you’ll join us for the journey! The podcast will be available every other Thursday, starting from 28 September. It will also be part of an online course with complementary activities available online.

Finally, EAEA will invite its members to join the European elections lab. Over three online sessions, participants will learn more about the political significance of the European elections, why they matter for adult learning – in Europe, and in our countries – and how adult learning organisations can work together to promote civic education. The labs will take place every two months, starting in November.

EAEA online courses will be available free of charge on the e-learning platform

Image of a person writing down curriculum ideas about green transition on a flipchart

In 2023 and 2024, EAEA training offer will include courses on green transition.

Save the dates for EAEA face to face courses next year

While online courses offer a flexible and accessible format, many of us learn best in the lively and participatory spaces that adult learning can provide. EAEA will organise three new face-to-face training programmes in the first half of 2024, which you can attend with the support of the Erasmus+ KA1 mobility programme.

If you’re interested in improving the design of your project applications, and anchoring them in the broader policy context, you’re welcome to sign up for the EAEA training on Project design in adult learning. The training programme will invite you to join challenge-based activities and get your draft proposal assessed by an experienced evaluator. It will take place in Brussels on 15-18 January, and registrations are now open.

Those of you working as educators or course organisers might be interested in exploring how to offer a safe space for learning, and – most importantly – create it together with learners. During our training Creating and maintaining safe spaces in adult learning, you will discuss the concepts of a safe space, power dynamics and decolonial approaches in adult learning and education, and try out methods that can support adult educators and learners in co-creating a safe space. Save the date for the training, which will take place in Brussels on 22-25 April.

If you’re passionate about advocacy, and curious to link our work in adult learning to larger policy agendas, you’re welcome to join our training Making the case for adult learning and twin transition. During a three-day workshop, you will explore how we can make our voice heard in the process of green and digital transition together with participants from around the world. The training will be partly funded by MOVETIA and is jointly organised by EAEA, the International Council for Adult Education, and the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning. If you’d like to join us, foresee some space in your agenda in May (the exact date will be announced soon), and look into your travel connections to Belgrade.

More information about EAEA training programmes is available on our training page.

Contact us for questions or requests

Feel free to contact the EAEA Head of Capacity-Building at aleksandra.kozyra (at) if you have questions. You can also get in touch if you’d like EAEA to prepare a tailor-made training programme or study visit just for your group!