Medium Pack

Medium Pack (5.000 €)

This pack is suitable for regular projects, like Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci projects, or organisations that have a range of products or services that they wish to inform about or make available. It is also suitable for organisations wanting to improve their visibility on the European arena.

Services include:

  • All the services of the Minimum Pack;
  • 4 appearances per year in EAEA Newsletter (space made available in our newsletter, sent to around 2.100 recipients);
  • 1 topical leaflet per year (We produce a leaflet or flyer 2–12 pages, sized A5, on the topic of the project, in one language. We also provide design templates if the project wishes to translate and make more languages available);
  • Basic recipient scouting (we locate a number of interested parties in the countries where the project is active, and make sure they are informed. 2–5 contacts/country);
  • Regular news production on EAEA website (we collect, produce and publish a number of news items related to the topic of the project, 1–2 items/month);
  • National dissemination plans (we develop a plan for national dissemination in the project countries, adapted to the topic of the project, the needs of the project, the defined target groups, and the situation in the country);
  • Social media presence (Facebook, Twitter).