Call for tutors: AI4AL looks for adult educators to test its AI tools for adult learning

AI4AL project, is an initiative aimed at promoting the adoption of AI technologies in the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. We are currently reaching out to invite the tutors to actively participate in our project’s processes, including testing, piloting, and providing us with insights concerning their experiences with AI.

Why do we need Adult Learning and Education tutors?

AI-based solutions have the potential to revolutionize the provision of adult learning by facilitating improved skills assessment and personalised learning opportunities. However, despite this immense potential, AI remains largely untapped within the ALE sector. At the same time, many adult educators also express mistrust towards AI, which hampers its widespread adoption. To address this gap, the AI4AL project aims to equip adult educators with the necessary skills to confidently apply AI in ALE.

What will I get as a tutor from this project?

  • Contribute to the development and use of AI-base solutions in adult learning
  • Demystify the perceived threats posed by AI
  • Highlight the key role of teachers and educators in the adoption of assistive technologies.

Key Project Objectives and Outputs

  • Engagement Kit Development: We are crafting an Engagement Kit, which includes a Methodological Guide and an Online Scenarios Repository. This kit will provide educators with a comprehensive framework for integrating AI-based technologies into both formal and non-formal ALE settings.
  • AI4AL Matching Tool: Our project will introduce “AI4AL,” an advanced matching tool that harnesses AI to connect the assessment of basic digital skills with tailored course offerings and micro-credentials. This tool empowers adult educators to create highly personalized training solutions based on learners’ specific needs.
  • Training Opportunities: The AI4AL project will offer in-depth training to educators on using the AI4AL tool and applying AI technologies in the ALE sector. This self-paced learning path enhances educators’ skills and keeps them up-to-date with the latest AI resources and training opportunities.

Why Your Participation Matters

Your involvement is crucial

Time engagement from your part: Total of 1 hour to share with us your experience, challenges and ideas on using our tool and other AI in your practice. This will be useful for the extensive and effective integration of AI in adult education. By testing and expanding the use of AI in skills assessment, we aim to contribute to the digital transformation of the ALE sector. Your insights and experiences as tutors will be indispensable in shaping the future of adult learning and education.

Involvement Schedule 2024

1. Private Beta Test – March to April 2024

Our project has already established a core group of 10 beta tutors from our partners’ networks. They have received training on the basics of AI and are actively involved in the initial phases of the project. They will support the new group of 100 tutors throughout the testing and piloting process.

2. Scenario Repository Population – February to May 2024

Based on the experience of the tutors during the Private Beta Test, each tutor will submit a short scenario/ article to the repository. They will describe their experience and provide insights, tips and ideas to other tutors.

Time engagement from your part: Total of 1 hour to share with us your experience, challenges and ideas on using our tool and other AI in your practice.

3. Course Piloting – April to June 2024

All 100 enrolled tutors pilot the online self-paced course with the help of the beta tutors.

Time engagement from your part: Total of 5 hours navigate the course and finalise at least 1 full module. If you wish to follow the full course just know that it should take around 30h for all 6 modules.

Language Options: English, German, Italian, Spanish

For more information, visit our AI4AL website and follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our progress. Your participation can help shape the future of adult learning with AI. Join our project today!

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