EAEA calls for international solidarity to support the people affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

EAEA stands in solidarity with all the people affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, calling on the international community to deliver consistent relief and recovery aid for these communities. EAEA members in Turkey, the International Lifelong Learning Association (Uluslararasi Hayat Boyu Öğrenme Derneği) and Yuva Association (Yuva Derneği), have been at the forefront of the emergency response, activating their networks swiftly to help their fellow citizens and offering relief services on the ground.

On March 20, the European Commission and the Swedish Council Presidency hosted an International Donors’ Conference to mobilise support for the reconstruction efforts needed after the catastrophic events of the past weeks. The people at the centre of this tragic emergency cannot be left alone. Thousands of lives, homes, learning spaces, and communities have to be reconstructed from the ground: Europe must be there.

Adult educators, learners, and leaders are ready to help: the adult learning and education community in Europe is committed to support the region, also by providing learning materials and sharing expertise in education in emergencies.

We are convinced that adult education has an important role to play in overcoming the difficult times ahead: it can equip people with the skills needed for the reconstruction process and provide psychosocial support to help them cope with the aftermath of the tragedy. It can also help build a sustainable dialogue between citizens, local authorities, and the government. Adult education is a fundamental brick of our society and will give an invaluable contribution to rebuild the affected communities.

Our thoughts are with the people of Turkey and Syria.

In solidarity,

The European Association for the Education of Adults

Text: EAEA

17.05.2023 advocacy

European Education Area: Let the EU know about the implementation in your country!

Throughout 2023 and until mid-2024, the European Union will review the state of implementation of the European Education Area, including policy initiatives and strategies in adult learning and education. National reports will play a central role in the review process: this is where you can have a say! Let the European Union know which impact the European Education Area has had in your country!

09.05.2023 inclusion

Valorisation of motherhood skills as asset for empowerment and professional development of women

The MOVE-UP project intends to develop a flexible and quality upskilling pathway for unemployed women who are dedicating most of their time and efforts to the role of mother and who are in need to (re) join education activities and the job market.

08.05.2023 advocacy

European Year of Skills starts on 9 May 2023

The European Year of Skills will start officially on 9 May 2023 and will run until 8 May 2024. The thematic year aims to promote the visibility and uptake of further education and training in adult life and provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to engage in discussions, learn from each other, and promote work in the field of skills development across Europe.