Workshop: Supporting learners in times of crisis

Parallel workshop 19 November 11.00-12.00 AM
Speaker: Déarbhail Lawless, AONTAS, Ireland

The COVID-19 crisis has left many adults overwhelmed, juggling work and family responsibilities, struggling with isolation or feeling excluded from social services and healthcare. Throughout the pandemic, AONTAS and its members have been quick to react by advocating for the needs of disadvantaged learners and providing direct support, where possible. Care packages sent to learners’ households, virtual open days at community education centres and virtual mentoring support networks have been provided to try and meet the needs of adult learners.

Get to know Déarbhail Lawless

Dearbháil Lawless is the Head of Advocacy in AONTAS the National Adult Learning Organisation in Ireland. She is responsible for advocacy campaigns and policy submissions. Dearbháil leads the Advocacy Team and oversees the European Agenda for Adult Learning, Erasmus+ programmes, and the Community Education Network. She has a background in adult education and has taught in community education, further education and training, and higher education.


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