Study visit: Varaždin County on creating a collaborative lifelong learning community

In Varaždin County an adult education is organized within vocational schools and centers of open colleges and implemented in three forms: job training, retraining and general improvement. The hosts will present examples of good practice, namely vocational schools founded by Varaždin County (Electrical Engineering School Varaždin, Varaždin School of Economics Medical School Varaždin, Mechanical and Traffic School Varaždin and Secondary Vocational School Varaždin) that implement lifelong learning programs, as well as the efforts in harmonizing curricula with the needs of the local economy. The study visit will also provide an opportunity for exchange between participants to compare adult education programmes. 

In addition, participants will get to attend  an international conference on  Talent Development.  The conference is part of the RITHA Practitioner Programme that is organized by European Talent Centre Croatia – Centres of Excellence of Varaždin County. It offers certified educational programmes for professionals working with gifted and talented children.

The study visit will take place within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA3 REGALE project. and will be hosted by the Varazdin County. If interested, please contact Aleksandra Kozyra at aleksandra.kozyra (at)