European Year of Skills starts on 9 May 2023

To kick off the Year, a European Year of Skills Festival will take place on 9 May, linking up with other events and speakers across Europe to showcase skills-related efforts and highlight the value of skills. You can find skills-related activities and events by checking the interactive map on the European Year of Skills website. Throughout the Year, national coordinators will shape the Year in their respective countries, and a Communication Toolkit for the 2023 European Year of Skills is available to help prepare communication activities, events, and media relations.

EAEA would like to stress that skills promoted in the European Year of Skills should be understood in a holistic way: skills that help for professional development, including basic and social skills, but also skills that all citizens need in their daily lives, including life and transversal skills and competences, and skills to strengthen sustainability, democracy, and social inclusion. The year will be an excellent opportunity for the European adult learning and education (ALE) community to showcase its many great achievements in transforming people’s lives and communities.