Financing adult learning and education in Europe

Download our background report here (pdf)

EAEA has been closely monitoring the funding situation of adult learning and education (ALE) in Europe for a number of years through its Country Reports and projects – in particular Financing Adult Learning in Europe (FinALE), which was completed in 2018. The development of public funding is at the forefront of our monitoring as this is pivotal for the financial sustainability of the sector, but also quality assurance of learning provision.

In 2022, the EAEA working group on financing took a closer look at the current financing levels of ALE in Europe (or, rather, what we know and don’t know about them), financing instruments, and key trends and challenges in financing ALE. 

Based on this, the working group developed a number of policy recommendations (for more details, please consult the background report):

Policy-making level

  • Developing and implementing benchmarks for the financing of ALE
  • Creating incentives for the creation of financial frameworks for ALE
  • Promoting data collection on the funding of ALE
  • Promoting financial tools and instruments that foster collaboration and complementarity rather than competition

Practice level

  • Collecting good practices from other sectors or countries
  • Collecting data in the organisation
  • Raising awareness of the impact of sustainable funding on learners