Introducing EAEA’s annual theme 2023: ALE and green transition

Read the concept paper on ALE and green transition (pdf)

The working group proposes to focus on two areas in 2023:

  1. Green transition and sustainability as a key area for ALE learning programmes, curricula, projects and other initiatives
  2. Greening adult learning and education institutions (using the whole-institution approach that has been promoted within the context of Education for Sustainable Development)

The concept paper aims to engage all members in EAEA’s thematic focus 2023, especially new EAEA members who have joined in recent years and have not yet had the opportunity to go deeper into the discussion on sustainability with us. It outlines EAEA’s past work on sustainability, greening and other related areas, it looks at key policy initiatives at the European and international levels, points out risks and challenges, and highlights a number of good practices from EAEA’s members and beyond. 

As the concept paper will also play a key role in EAEA’s policy and awareness raising work in 2023, it includes recommendations for policy-makers and ALE organisations:


  • Give adult learners a strong voice
  • Promote policy coherence at all levels
  • Provide financial and structural support to ALE providers and organisations

ALE providers and organisations:

  • Build partnerships for ALE and the green transition
  • Promote (g)local approaches
  • Promote transformative ALE for green and sustainable change
  • Focus on joint advocacy action