Participatory methods: Tell us about your picture

Why should I try it?

To harvest the results of an activity or to support participants in self-reflection.

How do I apply it?

  1. Distribute a set of different pictures on the floor or on a table, e.g. Dixit cards.
  2. Ask participants to pick one picture that best represents the results of the activity they did, or that represents their feelings after the activity.
  3. Ask each participant to explain why they chose their picture and to present it to the group.

What will I need?

A set of cards that can be interpreted in different ways (e.g. presenting feelings, relationships, different life situations or imaginary scenarios).

What else can I do?

Instead of giving pre-set cards, ask participants to take a picture that best describes the results / their personal feelings after an activity. Keep in mind that this can be done if participants are given enough time to take their picture, e.g. if there is a longer break between the activities.