Transnational Peer Review for Quality Assurance in Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning (VNFIL) Extended

The project aims to increase the transparency, market relevance, consistency and transferability of VNFIL across Europe. It supports both Member State VNFIL systems by providing a common framework and tools, as well as transnational use of VNFIL by increasing mutual trust at the European level.


The specific objectives are:

  • to support the improvement, monitoring and evaluation of quality assurance policies in different Member State VNFIL systems;
  • to increase mutual trust in transnational use of VNFIL,
  • to increase the alignment of Quality Assurance methods across Member States.

 Project results

The project foresees the following outputs:

  • synthesis report on quality assurance in VNFIL, constituting a complete inventory of current policies, QA systems and good practices in VNFIL of all participating countries and at the European level;
  • adapted Peer Review VNFIL Manual and Toolbox, aligned with the needs of all participating countries;
  • Transnational Peer Training Programme and Mentoring for VNFIL, focusing on capacity building of professional Peer Reviewers in VNFIL;
  • Peer Review VNFIL Reports following the Peer Visit;
  • Reflection report: a scientific analysis of the addeed value of Peer Review, reflecting upon the applicability of the European Peer Review method for VNFIL providers, good practices and learning outcomes;
  • Sustainable Peer Reviews on European level, including a “Business Plan” for a sustainable European Peer Review Network and the Network Database;
  • National Strategy Papers for each participating country;
  • European Peer Review Reader for VNFIL, including recommendations for the participating countries on further development of their national policies on VNFIL;
  • Policy Paper connecting the outcomes of the project and the added value of transnational Peer Review for VNFIL providers.


Coordinator: ErikKeamingk CV, The Netherlands


  • Vigor Transitions BV / EVC Centrum Vigor (the Netherlands)
  • Libereaux BV (the Netherlands)
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien / Center of education/ Unit of lifelong learning and continuing education (Austria)
  • Verein Frauenarbeit Steyr (FST) (Austria)
  • Weiterbildungsakademie Österreich (wba) (Austria)
  • Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte für Salzburg (AK Salzburg) (Austria)
  • Firmenausbildungsverbund Oberösterreich (FAV OÖ) (Austria)
  • Centre interinstitutionnel de bilan de compétences (CIBC) Bourgogne Sud (France)
  • Lietuvos svietimo profesine sajunga (LETU) (Lithuania)
  • Centro de Formação Profissional dos Trabalhadores de Escritório, Comércio, Serviços e Novas Tecnologias (CITEFORMA) (Portugal)
  • ISLA – Instituto Superior de Gestão e Administração de Santarém (ISLA SANTARÉM) (Portugal)
  • Národný ústav celoživotného vzdelávania (NUCZV) (Slovakia)
  • European Peer Review Association (EPRA) (Austria)
  • European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) (Belgium)


  • Kick-off meeting – January 2016, Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • 2nd project meeting – June 2016, Vienna, Austria
  • 3rd project meeting – June 2017, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 4th project meeting – November 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 5th project meeting – June 2018, Brussels, Belgium