The aim of the SMART GENERATION project is to develop an innovative training model at the European level in order to promote a conscious use of the smartphone, its potential and its risks, and to open a public debate on the role of digital technologies in social relationships between young people and between generations.


The specific objectives are:

  • to investigate the European youth universe and the methods of communication with smartphones, as well as cultural differences in their use at the European level, given the convergence of various communication technologies – Internet, TV and radio – on newer phones;
  • to develop, test and transfer to different European countries an educational model related to digital, communicational, relationships, social and civic skills thanks to the collection of best practices;
  • to propose and encourage a positive and responsible use of smartphones by providing young people with the tools necessary to consciously decipher the enormous amount of data that pass through the mobile phone;
  • to help young people living in Europe to develop critical thinking, digital citizenship, life and work skills, and to provide them with tools necessary to become both producers and distributors of information.


  • analysis of the training needs of young people and teachers / educators about the smartphone;
  • training program on the conscious and critical use of the smartphone;
  • pilot model of workshops on Media Education in schools and in environments outside the classroom;
  • policy recommendations on the use of smartphones;
  • open source e-learning platform;
  • two multiplier events in Italy and Belgium.


Coordinator: Centro Culturale Francesco Luigi Ferrari (IT)


  • European Association for the Education of Adults (BE)
  • Solidarci (IT)
  • Fundacion Cibervoluntarios (ES)
  • Rural Women National Association (RO)
  • Ligzda (LV)


  • Kick-off meeting – February 2016, Modena, Italy
  • 2nd project meeting – July 2016, Rucar, Romania