Poliglotti4.eu – Poliglotti4.eu

The Poliglotti4.eu aims at systematically promoting multilingualism, through the development and implementation of appropriate multilingual policies at grass-roots level, throughout Europe. The set of recommendations for the implementation of a European multilingualism policy, developed by the EU Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism’s research, offers a solid base for the Poliglotti4.eu project.


The project aims at:

  • Implementing a programme of communication with local and regional authorities throughout Europe, in order to engage the support of policymakers for multilingualism;
  • Advising and assisting policymakers in the development and implementation of their multilingualism policies;
  • Raising awareness of the value and importance of multilingualism in society as a whole;
  • Disseminating best practice through existing national and pan-European networks to local and regional authorities.

Target group:

The project focuses on three areas of civil society, which involve a large proportion of the population that is not in formal compulsory education: lifelong learning; pre-school; social/community services for social inclusion.


The following nine members of the Platform have been committed in this project:


The multilingual on-line Language Observatory is the principal physical output of the project, and is to become the reference on the practice of multilingualism in Europe. The Observatory presents information on the key motivators and inhibitors of multilingualism; their implications in the communication and implementation of multilingualism policy; catalogues of multilingualism best practice and one of multilingualism tools, evaluated and assessed according to context; examples of best practice on the implementation of multilingualism policy by local and regional authorities.
A website reporting on best practice in language policy and language learning, and providing policymakers, teachers, learners and civil society organisations with a powerful toolkit for benchmarking and enhancing their activities in non-formal and informal education and learning sectors.


Meetings and conferences:

Stakeholders Meeting on Multilingualism in the European Union took place on 1-2 December 2011 and was hosted by the Representation of the European Commission in Madrid, Spain.

Poliglotti4.eu Closing Conference – One continent, many tongues: a spotlight on Europe’s linguistic wealth – 15-16/11/2013 – Parma, Italy