PALADIN – Promoting Active Learning and Ageing of Disadvantaged Seniors

The PALADIN project intended to contribute to the empowerment of disadvantaged seniors through the development of their readiness for self-directed learning.


PALADIN´s objectives were to develop and test a package of methodology and instruments to facilitate self-processes of seniors at disadvantage (over 50 years old without qualifications) and to set up a network of innovative activities, focused on self-training and learning at Community level. PALADIN focuses on 5 fields of the lives of seniors: activity (employment or voluntary), health, finances, citizenship and education (formal / non-formal / informal).

Target group:

The project targets learners who are low qualified and has over 50 years old.


  • Produce a self-directed index for mature adults;
  • Produce 20 self-directed learning didactic tools;
  • Develop 5 Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scales in 5 specific areas;
  • Organize 25 public round tables in 5 countries;
  • Organize 4 International Scientific Events;
  • Produce a Memorandum of “Lessons and recommendations for policy-makers and life longlearning deciders”.


  • PALADIN Didactic Tools
  • Self-Directed Learning Index
  • 4 Newsletters
  • Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scales


  • VIDA: Intergenerational Valorisation and Active Development Association – PT [Coordinator]
  • FSD: Foundation for the Social Development (ES)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (EE)
  • Maltese Mentoring Society (MT)
  • Forum of the Hungarian IT Organizations for Information Society (HU)
  • City Council of Lousada (PT)
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (PT)
  • European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results (AT)
  • European Association for the Education of Adults (EU)
  • Associated partner: USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana (HE)
  • Association for Development of Mountain Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria (BG)

 Meetings and conferences:

4 International Scientific Events have been organized under this project in order to call the attention of adult educators, political authorities and informal intuitions managers, since they are the key- decision-makers with the availability to reach and improve the lives of large number of seniors at disadvantage. More