Motivating Low-Skilled Adults in Accessing Upskilling Pathways to Increase Job Opportunities (MOTIV-ACTION)

The project aims to create new career opportunities for unemployed adults by increasing and improving digital guidance services in Europe.

Objectives of the project:

  • To create a set of digital tools that will help unemployed adults to access learning or career opportunities.
  • To develop innovative tools and methodologies for employment counsellors, career guidance professionals, and adult education providers.



 1: E-Coach Course and Skillset for Adult Learners and Guidance Operators

2: Exploitation Guidelines for Users and Educators

3: MOTIV-ACTION Strategic Action Plan


Target groups:

  • Unemployed adults
  • Adult education provider, employment counsellors, career guidance professionals
  • National and European policymakers


 Partners of the project:


  • IGITEGO (Sweden)


  • Roma Capitale (Italy)
  • FACEPA (Spain)
  • The Latvian Career Support Development Association (Latvia)
  • Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde (Portugal)
  • Business Foundation for Education (Bulgaria)
  • IT-World.BG (Bulgaria)
  • OAED (Greece)
  • European Association for the Education of Adults (Belgium)