The MASTER project consortium had their first meeting in Brussels in December 2019.

Measures for Adults to Support Transition to further Education and Re-skilling opportunities (MASTER)

The MASTER project aims to facilitate the participation of low-skilled adults in formal education/training opportunities and in the labour market by developing or reinforcing their personal, social and learning competence (PSL competence), which is by many considered vital for the re-activation and re-engagement of potential learners from vulnerable groups, and improve the capacity of AE providers to reach out to the target group through a multi-stakeholder outreach strategy.


The project aims to contribute to upskilling, thus empowering, low-skilled adults by:

  • Designing, implementing and monitoring an outreach strategy, applying participatory approaches in partnership with adult beneficiaries and local stakeholders;
  • Adapting self-assessment tools to the specific sub-target groups’ needs already identified at the national level and to the Personal, Social and Learning competence (PSL competence);
  • Designing, testing, assessing and validating a model for the development/reinforcement of the PSL competence for the selected categories within the heterogeneous group of low-skilled adults, based on a tailored learning programme (non-formal and contextualised learning approach);
  • Transnational training targeting AE staff asked to guide and tutor low-skilled on methods and tools to support the beneficiaries in conducting the self-assessment and filling the skills gap in the sphere of the PSL competence;
  • Providing guidelines to public authorities and AE providers for setting up effective and renewed policies and provisions in favour of disadvantaged and low-skilled adults.


  • Project coordinator – FORMA.azione SRL, Italy
  • Università degli studi Roma Tre, Italy
  • Scottish Wider Access Programme SWAPWest, United Kingdom
  • DOREA Educational Institute, Cyprus
  • KERIGMA – Instituto de Inovacao e Desenvolvimento Social de Barcelos, Portugal
  • European Association for the Education of Adults, Belgium


Project leaflet – EN, IT, GR, PT