Tool: e-Reflect (e-Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques)

This tool was developed in 2015-17 by the e-Reflect project consortium with the transnational cooperation of Cyprus, Finland, Greece and United Kingdom. It is available in English and Greek and address to educators working with school students, educators working with university students and educators working with adults. The tool is linked to civic, digital, Personal and interpersonal capabilities.

The e-Reflect project, mentioned by the Greeks, seeks to develop and implement a high-quality continuing professional development e-course on active citizenship education for teachers and young children’s education professionals. The e-Reflect course supports digital literacy, and it stimulates active citizenship and social entrepreneurship. It strengthens the educator’s professional profile, improves using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in teaching and learning by educators and learners, fosters reflective thinking and entrepreneurship and empowers schoolchildren to fully participate in societal change initiatives.

The applicability of the innovative tool for the development of Life Skills

Taking advantage of contemporary digital technology (course authoring and web2.0 tools), the tool cultivates democratic spaces for communication, collaboration and action, and encourage discussion so that people can develop their own learning materials, basing their analysis on the systematization of their own knowledge.