Tool: BBC Skillwise

A tool developed by BBC (Learning Department) for the strengthening of numeracy and literacy capabilities among adults. The tool’s website which is available in English first launched in 2002 while its last significant relaunch took place in 2011 (development is ongoing).

BBC Skillswise from the UK is a resource to support adult learners in the development of essential skills in numeracy and literacy (English), to gain a qualification, to refresh skills for daily life and/or work, to help children with learning or just for fun. It enables them to improve reading, writing and number skills.

The applicability of the innovative tool for the development of Life Skills

Since the tool is available online, BBC Skillswise offers tutors and students of English and maths easy available resources (including worksheets, quizzes and videos) to use either in the classroom or at home. By allowing free access to basic skills teaching and learning resources, a large number of adult learners can obtain information and materials for teaching and learning.