Arale-Database-Specific target group

How to raise awareness on adult education towards a specific target group?

The ARALE survey analysed awareness raising activities targeting the general public.





BulgariaAssociation GenerationsFusion of the Energies – Solidarity between the GenerationsA one day event was organised for elderly people with discussions, information stands on product to help them have a better life and a painting exhibition.
BulgariaAssociation Educational WorldNew Perspectives in the education of parentsThe project aims to raise parents’ awareness for the need to improve parental competences and to discuss best practices and deduce a comprehensive programme.
DenmarkDFS/DAEAWebpage on basic skills for people with dyslexiaA website for basic skills learning, with special emphasis on dyslectic persons, offered by non-formal adult education providers.
GermanyBundesverband Alphabetisierung und GrundbildungThe iCHANCE campaignThe iCHANCE campaign is designed to motivate young adults to participate in basic education programmes. Companies and artists post a short video message encouraging them.
GermanyZentrum für Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZAWiW) der Universität UlmDASUN projectThe project DASUN built bridges between universities and NGOs in three Danube countries. Structures fostering adult education were created to offer classes for seniors.
GermanyPro Arbeit – Kreis Offenbach – (AöR) Kommunales JobcenterWorkshop on literacy for placement officersA workshop for placement officers was organized at the job center. Its aim was to raise awareness for job seeker´s literacy and numeracy possible issues.
IrelandNational Adult Literacy AgencyNational TV Advertising CampaignIn Ireland, the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) created a national TV Advertising Campaign together with the national postal services AnPost. The TV advertisement profile individuals who have addressed their literacy difficulty and aim to encourage others to take the first step and reap the rewards by contacting NALA.
RomaniaAssociation for Roma community Development SumnalEducation for Roma adultsThe Project provides capacity building for adult education and develops programmes for adult education, literacy and completion of primary education for marginalised people through daily activities.
ScotlandEducation ScotlandThe Big +The Big Plus is Scotland’s national adult literacy and numeracy campaign since 2004.
UKAge UKITea and Biscuits weekITea and Biscuits week is Age UK´s annual digital inclusion campaign to introduce older people to the benefits of digital technologies and the Internet.
UKHistoric Royal PalacesPalace ExplorersThe project aims to bring parents and children from a disadvantaged sector of the community together around workshops so that they learn together. Workshops as story telling are organised.