General questions on the e-training ‘Adult Learning in the 21st Century’

What is AE-PRO?
See the project description.

What is the e-training ‘Adult learning in the 21st Century’?
This is our e-training that will be organised between 16 March and continue until the early autumn 2016. See the course structure.

What is the ‘European e-training for Adult Educators’?
This is our e-training that we organised between April and December 2015 (see course structure). The sessions are still available on our learning platform, but badges will only be awarded to people that completed the session / the course before 31 December 2015.

Who is the training for?
The training is open for everyone interested in the contemporary challenges and developments of (European) adult education.

What is e-learning?
e-learning is the name given training to courses that are accessed electronically. The courses are typically delivered from a website which you login to. Because the website is accessed via the Internet it can be accessed at any time. The e-Learning courses are not intended to replace the existing classroom training you receive, but enhance the opportunities available to you. There may be times when you need to quickly refresh your memory about a topic or only have a couple of queries which do not require you to attend a full training session or there may be mandatory courses you are required to complete within a set time frame.

Do I need to enrol to each session?
You need to enrol in each session that you want to follow. In each session, you will find a button “enrol me” and you need to tick it for each session which you plan to follow.

Can I study only one module?
You can take part in as many or as few sessions as you prefer.

How many people can take part in the e-training? The e-training is meant for anyone who is interested. As such, the amount of participants is unlimited. However, our online software allows only for 200 participants at the time. Therefore, you might be unable to follow an online session if more than 200 participants are present. Nevertheless, we do not believe that we will have more than 200 participants for a single session, therefore, it should not be an issue.

Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit.

In what language can I study?
The study language is English. Sessions will all take place in English only.

How much does the e-training cost?
The training is completely free of charge.

Why is this e-training free?
As this is a newly developed platform, there might still be a few things that need to be worked out. At the end of the training, we will ask participants for their feedback in order to improve the course.

What are the study methods used?
The e-training consists of online sessions, forum discussions and self-study.

Is there a written syllabus on the e-training?
Training material as videos, publications, presentations or links for each session will be put online. There will not be a syllabus of the whole e-training.

How should I go about choosing a session?
Usually you should discuss the sessions that will most benefit your personal development and those that meet your performance management objectives with your line manager. Some sessions are designed as quick refreshers or as a point of reference. You may wish to browse through the sessions on offer by going to the Course Categories Block and clicking on the All Categories link at the bottom.

Do I need to do any preparation before starting a session?
Before starting any session you should make sure you have a clear space in your diary and you will not be disturbed. You should also check the course length and ensure you have adequate time available. It is recommended that you check the assignments on the learning platform one week in advance – most of the sessions require some preparatory assignments.

To access the courses in the learning platform, you will need to enable pop ups. If you have not already done this, go to the Browser menu bar and click Tools. Scroll down to Pop-up Blocker and select Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

Where do I find more information?
You can access the complete study programme after registering as user to the AE-Learning platform. You can also contact Project Coordinator Tania Berman.


Where do I register?
Register online at www.ae-learning.eu. Then, enrol the session you want to follow. For now, you can only enrol the introductory session, the other sessions will be open for registration at a later stage.

By when should I register?
If you want to follow the whole e-training, register by 10 March 2016. All the sessions cannot be registered yet, they will be open for registration later.

I’m a first time user, how do I log in?
Type in your username, this is normally your email address.You should have received a password via email from Learning and Development. (If not please use the default password of welcome).Once you have logged in for the first time, you will immediately be asked to change your password to something more memorable.


When does the e-training start?
On the 17th of March 2016, see more information on the learning platform.

When does the e-training end?
In July (exact end date tbc) with assignments over the summer.

When do sessions take place?
A precise calendar of all sessions will be put online to the learning platform latest when the course starts. However, due to the availability of trainers, this timing might change. An email will be sent to participants to let them know about such changes in due time.

Can I still follow the e-training if I’m not available when the live session takes place?
All sessions will be recorded and will be available on the platform afterwards.

Can I follow the e-training if I’m sometimes available, sometimes not?
Yes, you can follow the sessions live when you’re available and follow the other sessions offline.

Do I need my Managers permission before starting a course?
Yes, you should inform your manager that you intend to do a course and block out time in your diary to do so. Where possible, book a room (with Internet access).


Do I receive a certificate?
For individual sessions attended, participants receive an open badge. More information on open badges can be found at Open Badges website.

If you attend the entire e-training, then you can ask to receive a certificate. To get a certificate, you will also have to fill in a feedback survey. The certificate will be a one-pager, and comes with a list on all open badges achieved.

Is the certificate recognised in my country?
The certificate is issued by EAEA and its partners. It is not formally recognised by other institutions. However, EAEA is very well-known in the non-formal adult education field and quality assurance is taken very seriously by the partnership.