Education by the way

Education by the way project aims to invent and disseminate new forms of out-of-school education of adults, in particular taking in consideration the inclusion of people with low competences.

The challenge of acquiring new knowledge and competences, in attractive forms, is an international interest and it is one of the most important horizontal aims and priorities of adult education in Erasmus+.



The objectives are:

  • Change the way of perceiving education by people with low educational skills;
  • Invent new methods and approaches to show to trainers and social activists how to create educational process;
  • Exchange good practices among experiences of trainers.


  • Polish Association of NGO Trainers, Poland (coordinator)
  • Asociace odborníků v andragogice ČR, z. s., Czech Republic
  • EAEA, Belgium
  • Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (KVS), Finland
  • REPLAY Network, Italy