ARALE: Webpage on basic skills for people with dyslexia


A website with videos explaining how to find basic skills learning, with special focus on people with dyslexia, offered by non-formal adult education providers. The site also offers text-to-voice functionality.

To promote the website we distributed 10.000 postcards to municipal job centres and non-formal adult education providers. A permanent committee with members from the different Danish non-formal adult education organisations planned the project and the DFS/DAEA provided the necessary administration. The project started late September 2012 and it is still active.

Unfortunately, the pre-set target for the project was not reached and we therefor consider the awareness raising activity to be unsuccessful: After the first seven months of the project, the webpage had only 162 hits.

Key reasons for the lack of success:

  1. Difficulty in reaching potential users
  2. Not enough reasons for potential users to visit the website as it only contains information about the non-formal providers of basic skills learning and no information about formal opportunities provided by municipalities or the state
  3. Even though the website has videos and text-to-voice functionality, a website may not be the best way to approach people with dyslexia
  4. Confusion on the specific target group; was it the potential learners themselves or decision makers that need to understand the needs of people with dyslexia, and the potential activities that can address them? It was not possible to combine these two target groups