ARALE: Palace Explorers

Historic Royal Palaces

This activity took place in Kensington Palace and in the surrounding area in 2011 for the first time and is still ongoing.

Outreach in targeted schools led on to workshops with children’s parents in after school clubs. Parents were invited to join the children in celebration days at the Palace and then took part in facilitated workshops that built skills and created items for a fashion show that toured the local area. Some parents chose to continue their relationship through a Family Forum which meets regularly and helps with consultation and to run projects.

What were the achievements?

A previously disadvantaged sector of the community work interactively with their children to learn together. Parents have increased their own skills by having storytelling training and have delivered storytelling sessions in local libraries. They also designed and helped to deliver a Family Fun Day at the Palace bringing with them an audience of their own friends and neighbours. Many people beyond the original cohort of parents have now become engaged with the stories of the palace and feel more comfortable with visiting.

Which were the key elements of success?

Key elements of success were the interactive immersive nature of the project. The building and maintenance of personal relationships. Children and parents working and learning together.