ARALE: New Perspectives in the education of parents

Educational World

The association Education World started a training project for parents in Veliko Tarnovo. The project is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and has been funded by the Grundtvig programme. The project is called “New Perspectives in the education of parents”. Partners are similar organizations from Turkey, France, Italy and Spain. “The aim is to discuss best practices and to deduce from them a comprehensive programme that would be applicable to Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey”, said Mariana Georgieva, Member of the Management Board of “Education World”.

The focus is on exchanging experiences to elaborate new methodologies and approaches in the work with families. Another objective of the project is to let the parents themselves share experiences on how to take part in their children’s education. “We want to encourage parents to participate more actively in the educational lives of their children. And it is important that they understand that their relationship to teachers, and of the teachers to the family, has a huge influence on the kids, “said Ms. Georgieva.

The main achievement was to raise parents’ awareness of the need for improving parental competences. We presented the project activities and outcomes in the local media – newspapers, radio station, and local cable TVs.

Which were the achievements?

The targeted parents realized the need for improving and developing their parental skills through sharing experience, training and expanding their knowledge. The main elements of success was the active involvement of the parents.