ARALE: Education for Roma adults

Association for Roma community Development, Sumnal

The project provided capacity building for adult education providers and developed programmes for adult education, literacy and completion of primary education for marginalised people from the Roma community of Topaana. Daily activities were organised for women up to the age of 35. The activities took place in the centre of Skopje. Sumnal also has activities for the general population at that same location – organised by the Bitola branch. The project was funded by the European Union and took place from October 2012 to May 2013. We promoted it in the community and on a national level.


  • Reduced illiteracy numbers
  • Raised awareness for the importance of education
  • Raised the level of basic knowledge amongst the Roma women
  • Improved capacity building opportunities for Roma women

Key elements of success:

  • Roma women had confidence in Sumnal’s experts
  • The pre-existing motivation and wishes of the women to gain knowledge
  • EU twining experts were present during the activities and tested Sumnal’s mentors. The mentors became certified in the Twining programme