A Toolkit for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Adult Education (DIMA)

The aim of DIMA is to create a practical and innovative toolkit for developing, implementing and monitoring coherent and participative adult education strategies. This, in turn, allows adult education providers and local authorities to actively contribute to national and EU adult education policies while increasing adult participation in education and training in a lifelong learning perspective.


The specific objectives are:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of adult education policies at national, regional and local levels by drafting a state of the art report in the partner country and at the European level;
  • To design and implement effective strategies for adult training by comparing the national reports and investigating the stakeholders’ needs;
  • To stimulate the development and use of innovative approaches and tools to assess and improve the effectiveness of adult education policies;
  • To assess and promote the project outcomes in the EU through pilot testing and online development of the toolkit and the learning modules.


  • State of the art report on existing adult education strategies, policies and tools in partner countries and at the European level;
  • Comparative study of needs assessment at national and EU level;
  • Practical toolkit to facilitate the development, monitoring and assessment of adult education. It will include, among others, a conceptual framework on effective strategy and policies, guidelines and practical tips as well as a collection of good practice examples;
  • Training curriculum and material to be used by policy makers and adult education providers;
  • E-learning portal with an innovative training package: online instructional materials on adult education strategy development and monitoring;
  • National seminars and a European final conference to familiarize key stakeholders with the project.

Target groups

  • Adult Education providers;
  • Policy makers in the field of adult education;
  • Public and private stakeholders;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Research centres;
  • Social partners;
  • NGOs


Coordinator: Ministry of Education and Culture (CY)


  • Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology (CY)
  • National University of Ireland Maynooth (IE)
  • Andragoski Center Republike Slovenije (SI)
  • European Association for the education of Adults, EAEA (BE)
  • Narodny Ustav Celozivotneho Vzdelavania (SK)