ENHANCE- Enhancing Learners Voice

Dismantle power structures that oppress the voice of the learners and reestablish environments that encourage listening and taking actions collaboratively.

ENHANCE (Enhancing Adult Learners Voices) is a project running from December 2023 until May 2026 which intends to enhance adult learners’ voices by creating learning spaces where the educational process is based on the voice of the learner. This inherently democratizes the educational process, leading to a deeper connection with both society and the learning topic at hand.5.


The unique nature of adult education make it imperative that adult learners are not only actively involved in the learning process but also shape it and progress it. A learner-centred approach, in which the curriculum is designed with an active participation of the learner, increases the relevance of learning for the adult, thus increasing their motivation to enroll in the course. Learner-led approaches are also key in addressing major global crises, such as the digital and green transition.

The ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal or the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan cannot happen without having all citizens on board. Adult learning can support citizens in becoming activists in their own communities and shape decision-making processes.


The project partners collaborate to develop:

  • an accessible, interactive and dynamic mapping of existing practices and initiatives that promote active participation and enhancing learners’ voices, through a critical lens
  • comprehensive, holistic and honest roadmap to guide processes that provide space for and enhance the voice of the learners,accompanied by a workshop methodology on how to use the roadmap directly with learners
  • a set of recommendations for policy makers
  • a series of mini booklets that will be co-created with the learners on breaking the silence, reclaiming their voice and creating outspoken learning processes for an equitable society
  • a series of podcasts with discussions on participatory processes and learners experiences to provide actual voice to the learners, educators and stakeholders


The ENHANCE consortium comprises of 7 partners and SOLIDAR Foundation based in 7 different countries, and is coordinated by the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).