Access, participation and active experiences in the field of adult education should be reconsidered in order to gain more knowledge and share good practice.

Every person (educator, teacher, trainer, stakeholder, etc.) engaged in adult education, especially younger staff, should have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills as part of their continuing professional development (CPD). Currently only a few have the opportunity to attend and participate in activities which are otherwise open to everyone working in the adult education sector. EAEA wants to foster cooperation between individuals, organisations and institutions.

Adult Education Mobility Charter

To promote learning mobilities in Europe, the EAEA-coordinated AE-PRO project has produced the ‘Adult Education Mobility Charter’, a support framework of learning mobilities for all participants and activities. It supports any agreement between participants and activities.

The objectives of the Charter are to create a common understanding of the definition of participants, tutors and adult education organisations and to provide a common set of basic responsibilities for all participants of a learning mobility. Being on the same page on what is expected of different participants improves the quality of staff exchanges. The Charter could also be described as a quality standard for adult education mobilites.

How to support the Mobility Charter

Adult education providers are invited to endorse the Charter. By doing so, they take a public commitment to say that they respect the standards and values defined in the Charter. For potential mobility applicants, this is a strong signal that the learning mobility will take place according to standards that both parties agree with.

In practice, supporting the Charter means, that the organisation’s name is added to a list on the Mobility Charter website. Signing is for free and does not officially bind the organisation to anything. See the list of organisations that have already signed.

Here’s how to show your support:

  • Please send an email to EAEA Project Officer  stating that your organisation supports the Charter;
  • Make sure that you include the name of your organisation to the email;
  • The name of your organisation will appear in a list of supporters.

The objectives of the Charter

1. European dimension

The Charter supports the mobility and cooperation between European countries and adult education organisations within those countries. It strengthens the role of adult education in confronting European challenges through cooperation and exchange between adult education organisations and adult educators.

2. Organisational dimension

The Charter promotes appropriate forms of mobility and funding. It aims to improve the quality and efficiency of education and training systems, as well as “foster cooperation between individuals, organisations and institutions”.

3. Individual dimension

The Charter increases the mobility of adult education (for younger) staff and improve its conditions. It helps to ensure that mobility participants always have a positive experience both in the host country and in their country of origin on their return, and to provide guidance on mobility arrangements for learning or other purposes, such as professional betterment, to all participants in order to enhance personal and professional development.

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