EAEA Grundtvig Award 2024

Every year, EAEA seeks out adult education projects that stand out for their innovation and excellence in adult learning and education (ALE). The Grundtvig Award highlights initiatives that embody new and inventive ideas, establish innovative partnerships, develop fresh methodologies, and promote a contemporary understanding of adult education. In 2024, the theme of the award is “Adult Learning Transforming Lives, Communities, and Society.”

Support EAEA’s 2024 theme by submitting your innovative adult learning initiatives for this year’s Grundtvig Award. Let your projects embody excellence and innovation, pushing the boundaries of conventional approaches. Adult learning holds the potential not only to equip individuals with new individual skills but also to reshape perspectives and be a catalyst for societal change. Grounded in principles of openness, social inclusion, and justice, our 2024 theme underscores the profound impact adult learning can have on individuals and the broader community.

As we open the call for the 2024 Grundtvig Award, we invite projects, initiatives and organisations that resonate with this theme to step forward. Whether your project introduces groundbreaking methodologies, forges new partnerships, or pioneers fresh ideas in adult education, we want to hear from you. This is an opportunity to showcase initiatives that are not just about learning but about catalysing positive transformations in lives, communities, and society. Join us in celebrating the power of adult learning to shape a future where knowledge is not just acquired but actively shapes the world around us.


  • Foster innovative methodologies that empower adult learners to become agents of change in their communities, promoting active citizenship and social inclusion.
  • Encourage projects that promote societal diversity, fostering mutual understanding and solidarity within diverse communities.
  • Support initiatives that leverage new technologies to expand access to adult learning opportunities, particularly for marginalised or underserved communities, fostering inclusion and cohesion.
  • Promote projects that integrate a proactive mindset into adult learning curricula, equipping learners with the knowledge and skills to contribute to a more engaged society.
  • Advocate for the recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning experiences in communities empowering individuals to actively participate in personal and societal advancement.

Why participate?

All participants gain:

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Appearance in the EAEA Grundtvig Award publication, which will be distributed on EAEA’s website, newsletter and social media channels (applicants filling the application criteria)

Winners gain:

  • International visibility for the project on EAEA’s communication channels
  • A unique and tangible award trophy
  • An exclusive invitation to the EAEA General Assembly 2024 and the Award Ceremony
  • A prominent feature in the EAEA Grundtvig Award publication showcased on all EAEA’s media platforms
  • Appearance in EAEA’s media release, amplifying the project’s impact on an international scale

How to participate?


You may apply under either of the categories below. 

  • Local, Regional, or National
    Projects, initiatives, or partnerships delivered on a local, regional, or national scale that have demonstrated strong and innovative approaches supporting the annual theme, its implementation, or the development of innovative approaches.
  • Transnational
    Projects, initiatives, or partnerships carried out transnationally that have successfully demonstrated support for the theme, its implementation, or the development of innovative approaches.


Projects, initiatives or partnerships can but need not be supported by the European Commission.

The initiative, programme or partnership should be up and running for at least 3 months at the time of application. It must present evidence of outputs such as a reports, website, or any other form of verification.

We also accept finished projects, but they should have ended within two years of the Grundtvig Award ceremony (June 2024).

Projects, initiatives or partnerships can cover any relevant topic in adult education.


The applications will be checked against the following criteria:

  • Outstanding creativity and innovation
  • Transferability of the project and its outcomes to other regions
  • Plans and capacity to upscale (where relevant)
  • Excellence in project presentation in terms of writing, summarising, and supporting with visuals
  • Effectiveness of the project in reaching outcomes
  • Demonstration of positive impact on learners and communities
  • Presentation of testimonials from learners or trainers

What do we expect?

Please fill in the application form below with the following information:

  • A description of the programme, including goals, outcomes, and a breakdown of project facets.
  • Explanation of impact, tracking success, benefits to local communities, applicability to other providers, and lessons learned.
  • Plans to continue, upscale, or improve the programme in the future.

How to apply?

You may submit a description of your project, initiative or partnership in English. Entries must be received by filling in an application form for the Grundtvig Award up until 12 April 2024 (extended, final deadline). It is possible to send attachments (maximum file size 20 M) with the form.

For inquiries, contact christin.cieslak (at) eaea.org.