Cooperation and partnerships

Adult education strategies, practices and projects are more efficient when we work together. EAEA’s theme of 2018 is cooperation and partnerships.

Successful adult education strategies, initiatives and projects do not happen in isolation. Cooperations and partnerships are becoming more and more important and often contribute to more innovation, better provision and more participants. Cooperations and partnerships can promote:

  • Better outreach to new learners;
  • New adult education provision in new areas;
  • New learning environments;
  • New learning pathways.

Our aims:

  • To raise awareness, at a European level, for successful cooperations and partnerships to further adult learning;
  • To raise awareness of the importance of cooperations and partnerships in adult education;
  • To inspire new partnerships and cooperations in and with adult education.

Activities in 2018

  • Celebrating EAEA Annual Conference with the theme “cooperation and partnerships”, with a focus on how we can establish and improve partnerships and strengthen cooperation with civil society and other stakeholders in adult education
  • Exchange of good practices with other civil society actors
  • Global cooperation: reaching out to new partners and alliances at the international level.