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Akademija Ženskog Preduzetništva - Women´s Entrepreneurship Academy of Serbia

Who we are?

Our target groups are primarily unemployed women, women who wish to start their own business, female entrepreneurs, local women´s activists and politicians. We support each woman´s initiative that brings positive change into lives of other women and men within their respective communities.

What we do?

We implement our activities, such as educations in the area of entrepreneurship, management and business plan writing, as well as providing advisory services and implementing so-called projects on key for individual municipalities, mostly in the region of Vojvodina.



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Members in Serbia

Associate member

Liga 33 - League 33

The association is a non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian organization, founded for an indefinite period, whose main activity is education and...
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Associate member

Educational and Cultural Center Bozidarac - 1947

The Educational and Cultural Center Bozidarac – 1947 is local educational and cultural institution founded by an urban municipality of...
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Associate member

Edukativni centar za obuke u profesionalnim i radnim veštinama - Educational Training centre for Professional and Working skills

Educational Training centre for Professional and Working skills is an educational institution founded by and funded by the Government of...
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Ordinary member

Društvo za Obrazovanje Odraslih - Adult Education Society (AES)

Adult Education Society, non-governmental organization established in 2000 has the mission to promote adult education and learning and to foster...
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