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Tallinn, Estonia

to 28.6.

EAEA General Assembly and Annual Conference

EAEA invites its members and partners to participate in the upcoming General Assembly, Grundtvig Award ceremony and Annual Conference, held under the theme of Partnerships and cooperations. The events will be hosted by our members in Estonia: ANDRAS and the Estonian Adult Education Association. The General Assembly will look at the key developments in adult education and EAEA in 2017 and the way ahead. The participating members will also get a chance to discuss EAEA membership and communication services. The…

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Vienna, Austria

to 6.7.

Lifelong Learning Platform Annual Conference 2018: Lifelong Learning Culture. A Partnership for Rethinking Education

What does it take to have a culture shift in education? Embracing a lifelong learning culture? Partnering up to rethink education? The Lifelong Learning Platform invites you to debate these topics around its Annual Conference “Lifelong Learning Culture: A partnership for rethinking education” on 5-6 July 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

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The Royal Society, London

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Employment and Skills Convention 2018

EAEA members Learning & Work Institute will host their inaugural Employment and Skills 2018, this July, built in the fifteen year history of their InfoWork conventions. It will be tackling central questions related to the development of employability and skills, discussing the following questions: How do we make a reality of ‘Improving Lives’? How do we place adult skills, apprenticeships and the national retraining scheme at the heart of what we do? What does the new landscape of combined authorities,…

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to 18.7.

InSEA seminar: Research and Praxis for Socially Engaged Arts Education

The InSEA seminar invites artists, artist educators; arts educators; educators, Art Education PhD students and early career researchers interested in social engaged forms of arts in education from the wider area of southern Europe, Balkan peninsula and Mediterranean as well as from other countries . The goal of the InSEA seminar is to develop a fruitful dialogue about contemporary social concerns in arts education praxis and research. The encounter will provide traditional formats of Round tables with individual presentations; workshops…

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Friche La Belle de Mai

to 9.9.

Brave New Worlds?! The Future of Democracy and Citizenship Education

Liberal democracy is in a state of crisis. Worldwide, a “democratic recession” can be observed, even in countries that have long claimed a leading role in defending and spreading democratic values and freedoms. Uncertainties about the future of the European Union and its transformation into a “Citizens’ Europe” are shaping the run-up to the European Parliament elections in May 2019. This year's NECE conference in Marseilles will provide a platform for the development of strategies on how citizenship education and…

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Rue de l’Industrie 10, Brussels, Belgium

2:00 pm to 28.9. 1:00 pm

EAEA Younger Staff Training 2018

The aim of the EAEA Younger Staff Training, organised annually since 2011, is to encourage peer learning among young professionals, explore the European dimension of adult education and connect it to the national or local level. Upon popular request, in 2018 the training has been extended to five days. Each day will have a different focus, the overarching aim being to help the participants explore the European dimension of adult education and connect it to their national or local level.…

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Brussels, Belgium

to 17.10.

Improving lives and social cohesion through adult education

The two-day conference will present the final results of two Erasmus+ projects coordinated by EAEA: Implementing Outreach, Empowerment and Diversity (implOED) and Life Skills for Europe (LSE). The discussions will be centred around the role of adult education in improving social cohesion and lives of people living in the EU. The partners of the implOED project will share their experiences in implementing the principles of Outreach, Empowerment and Diversity at the providers and policy level. One of the main results…

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