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4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

MOVE-UP Webinar – Self-assessment approaches for adult learners

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MOVE-UP initiative aims to improve approaches for self-assessment activities with adult learners to support their participation in upskilling pathways

If you are interested in supporting adults to re-join education activities and to enhance Personal Social and Learning competences as well as basic skills, we invite you to join us for our second MOVE-UP Alliance International Webinar on 24 June 2024 at 16.00 CEST ‘Self-assessment approaches for adult learners’’ to hear and share experiences and good practices on how to improve adult participation in education across Europe.

Webinar agenda

  • What is MOVE-UP? A journey toward new competences for women experiencing motherhood – Speaker: Viola Pinzi, EAEA – 5’
  • Strategic aspects for self-assessment with adult learners. Challenges and enablers to engage adult learners in meaningful self-assessment processes – Panel discussion – 40’
    • Moderator: Sylvia Liuti, FORMA.Azione, MOVE-UP principal advisor and gender expert
    • Speakers:
    • Michele Tuccio, Economist – Skills and Employability Division, OECD
    • Alessandro Brolpito, Senior Human Capital Development Expert – Digital Skills and Learning, ETF
    • Pauline Boivin, Project and Policy Manager, Lifelong Learning Platform and TRANSVAL-EU project
    • Vasiliki Tsekoura, Director, DAFNI KEK – Social Research & Innovation for Adult Education and ProfilPASS
  • MOVE-UP Self-assessment and evaluation toolkit: development and key findings – Panel discussion – 40’
    • Moderator: Chiara Marchetta, FORMA.Azione, MOVE-UP Project manager
    • Speakers – MOVE-UP partners in Austria, Greece, Italy and Portugal
    • Zara Sousa, APEFA, Portugal
    • Anastasia Zafeiropoulou, AKEP, Greece
    • Franka De Syo, Die Berater, Austria
    • Giulia De Luca, RIDAP, Italy
  • Conclusions and opportunities for collaboration – Speaker: Viola Pinzi, EAEA – 5’

The webinar programme is available on the MOVE-UP website!

Registration: https://forms.gle/HzLLwdY542VAZYPn8





MOVE-UP consortium and EAEA

Email: viola.pinzi@eaea.org

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