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Online Workshop: Reflections on CONFINTEA VII results and the Marrakesh Framework for Action

4th of October 2022, Streamed from Chisinau

The Online Workshop organised by DVV International in cooperation with the European Association
for the Education of Adults will provide a brief overview of the CONFINTEA process and review and
reflect on the achievements of the Marrakesh Framework for Action (MFA). It will bring in expertise
and experience from representatives of state authorities and civil society organisation from the field
of ALE engaged in introducing framework recommendations into national ALE policies.

The Online Workshop will be organised in two sessions with a lunch break in between. The first
session will consist of two input presentations that will review CONFINTEA process in general and
the reflect on CONFINTEA VII results and MFA recommendations. The second session will be organised in a form of a virtual panel discussion.

Please find the link to registration here: Registration!

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