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ICAE Virtual Seminar 2019: Role and Impact of Adult Education

The International Council of Adult Education invites you to join the Virtual Seminar on the Role and Impact of Adult Education, run in cooperation with DVV International.

The seminar is free of charge, open to anyone and will start on 25thof February.
The following articles of issue 85 of Adult Education and Development will be this years´ starting point of the seminar:

You can already find the articles here: https://www.dvv-international.de/adult-education-and-development/editions/aed-852018-role-and-impact-of-adult-education/get-involved/icae-virtual-seminar-2019/(in English, French and Spanish) and follow the discussion on the dedicated ICAE Website http://virtualseminar.icae.global.

Do you want to participate? You can register here or send an e-mail to policy@icae.global. Registration is open now!

The virtual seminar will run for approximately one month as a series of articles and comments that are sent to the participants via e-mail. Your contributions and comments (max. 500 words) can be sent in English, French or Spanish, and will then be translated into English where necessary. Also you can directly comment on the articles on the Virtual Seminar website http://virtualseminar.icae.global. If you have any questions ahead of the seminar, do not hesitate to contact Ricarda Mot­schilnig (policy@icae.global).

Additional webinars: In addition to the virtual seminar, ICAE will organize online discussions in the form of webinars. The topics and dates of these webinars will be announced during the virtual seminar.

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