Uluslararasi Hayat Boyu Öğrenme Derneği (UHBÖDER) – International Lifelong Learning Association (ILLLA)

Who we are?

The mission of ILLLA is to identify education needs of the population under LLL perspective, support the disadvantaged youngsters and adults-especially women- to complete their compulsory education, develop their social and cultural skills, develop and implement education programs and projects to gain economical skills related with occupation.  The organization aligns itself to the international promotion of the lifelong learning process and it aims at making Turkey a learning campus in all areas of education.

What we do?

ILLLA deals with all relevant activities regarding employment, education, culture, tourism, health, development, youth, sport, technology, IT, volunteering, awareness, strategic partnerships, innovation and entrepreneurship. It focuses on all levels of non-formal education, informal education, continuing education, recognition of prior learning, distance learning and many others.
International partnerships on tourism, ecology, cultural heritage, valorization, social inclusion, literacy, individual’s rights and democratic citizenship are our working areas.



Stategic objectives

  • Identifing the communities’s learning needs with the help of professional assessment .
  • Developing programmes and projects suitable for the learners’s needs.
  • Conducting and commissioning scientific research within the framework of lifelong learning.
  • Conducting  activities regarding recognition of prior learning and distance education.
  • Ensuring the establishment and the operation of a Vocational Certification Centre, a Centre of Excellence and a Skills Testing Centre.





Best practices

  1. Andragogy seminars and workshops with the collaboration of Public Education Centers under the perspective of LLL for the development of human resources skills for improving the quality of adult education.

2. “FLOURY FOOD SAFETY TRAINING FROM VIRTUAL TO REALITY FOR YOUTH ( FFS)” project that took place under the Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnership and it focused on developing through ICT based innovative distance learning the skills of young employees who are orwant to work in the production sector in order to ensure safety in floury foods which is the cheapest and common food culture of Europe. The project includes 7 partners.  For more details see below the media links:

FFS Project Website


The overall objective of this operation is to promote an inclusive labor market with opportunities for disadvantaged persons, with a view to their sustainable integration into the labor force and combat all forms of discrimination in the labor market.  There was an online matching portal created within the scope of the project. The platform brings employers and individuals who want to be employed on the same platform in order to increase the employment rate and to support employability in accordance with qualifications in the chemical sector

4. Skillman, is a the worldwide network addressed to introduce skills, competencies and innovative curricula for the advanced manufacturing sector within the VET pathways.  For more information, you could have a look here.