ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (Łukasiewicz – ITeE)

Who we are?

Łukasiewicz – ITeE is a state-owned scientific-research institute established in 1986. It employees approx. 240 employers. For nearly 30 years has been specialising in building up innovation performance in the areas of machine construction and maintenance, technical and environmental safety. Additional areas of the Institute’s activity include model solutions in the field of technology transfer and continuing vocational education, which are the foundation of the EU strategy – “Europe 2020.” The focus on the EU and Poland’s priority research areas enabled the Institute to undertake novel, cost-effective and socially required basic and applied research.

To tighten the cooperation between the Polish R&D sector and industry, Łukasiewicz – ITeE has designed and implemented a Technology Platform, addressed to Polish and international scientific institutions, enterprises, and intermediary organisations, which constitutes an important tool for knowledge and technology transfer at Łukasiewicz – ITeE. Currently over 40 entities, particularly SMEs, are incorporated into the Platform.

What we do?

Łukasiewicz – ITeE carries out research on knowledge transformation and technology transfer mechanisms and structures, intellectual capital development, innovation management, forecasting future research directions, designing work, production and implementation in the field of prototype mechanical and mechatronics.

Centre for the Research and Development of Vocational Education is a separate unit in the structure of Łukasiewicz – ITeE with 2 departments: Vocational Education Research Department and Continuing Education Department. It revolves around the issues of lifelong learning and continuing education, modelling of technology and knowledge transfer processes for the development of an innovative economy human capital, improving quality in VET, standardization of professional competences/qualifications.

Łukasiewicz – ITeE has coordinated numerous strategically important research programmes (national and transnational), elaborated diagnosis and expert reports for the national and international organizations.

Best Practices

Projects: full list here

Best practices/projects:

  • Transfer of good practices and development of professional competences of employees in waste management area supported by IT tools (GreenCompIT), 2014-2017, Erasmus+ http://greencompit.eu/
  • Innovation Laboratories in the development of competences of special pedagogy teachers and people with special educational needs (i-Lab3), 2014-2017, Erasmus+ http://ilab3.aps.edu.pl
  • Training and certification model for photovoltaic trainers with the use of ECVET system (EU-PV-Trainer), 2016-2019, Erasmus+ http://pvtrainer.projectsgallery.eu/
  • Integrated practical e-training & e-guiding for innovative women for facilitating their patent applications (ip4women), 2017-2016, Erasmus+



Quarterly scientific-research journal published by ITeE-PIB: Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych / Polish Journal of Continuing Education www.edukacjaustawicznadoroslych.eu