Pro-Business Nord (PBN)

Who we are?

Pro-Business Nord was registered in Republic of Moldova (registration #1249) in January 2000 as a national, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization founded on the freely expressed will of its members to implement activities jointly and achieve statutory goals at local and national levels.

Our Mission: “To encourage the growth and development of the private and non-governmental sectors in Moldova by offering training, consulting and informational services, as well as by implementing social programs in accordance with international best practices customized to local needs”.

All of PBN’s activities have been recognized as useful for society through Public Utility Certificates issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova since 2000 -2018. Since 2015, “Pro-Business Nord” is member of the EAEA -“European Association for the Education of Adults” (


What we do?

“Pro-Business Nord” NGO offers a wide range of courses, seminars and professional training programs in business, economic, management, marketing, accounting and civil society. All training services are aimed at supporting private and civil sector development, and are adjusted to the local partners’ needs.

Geographic implementation area of PBN’s activities: PBN offers its services to small and medium businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and individuals in the city of Balti and rural areas across the Northern part of Moldova as well as on both banks of the Dniester river.


Best practices

Among the innovations introduced by “Pro-Business Nord” is the creation and development of the Distance Learning School on the basis of the Moodle platform.

This School is a substantial support for both teachers involved in teaching the courses and for students, because it provides the ability to access the necessary teaching materials at any time, without being dependent on a strict working schedule. There are 20 courses in various fields at the learners’ disposal:

  •  Professional Courses;
  •  Computer Courses;
  •  Business Start-up Courses;
  •  Practical Skills Development for Professional Growth Courses (TSL – Training for Sustainable Livelihoods).
  • Training is carried out in two languages (Russian and Romanian).

The Distance Learning School allows the use of such technologies as conducting forums, doing tests and homework online. The computer technologies provide effective feedback that improves communication with the teacher, but also the exchange of views and information between course participants.

PBN conducts the training of beneficiaries combining in/class lessons with the Distance Learning School. These two types of education increase the effectiveness of knowledge delivery and evaluation, and improve the beneficiaries’ performances.