Id-Direttorat għat-Tagħlim Tul il-Ħajja – Directorate for Lifelong Learning

Who we are?

Directorate for Lifelong Learning in Malta aims at sustaining a knowledge-based economy,and sees learning as a Lifelong pursuit as the key to success. To ensure a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the Directorate for Lifelong Learning offers adult learning classes in several areas of knowledge. The Directorate is also contributing towards a strong base of high level graduates by offering scholarships in several priority sectors of the knowledge-based economy.

More specifically, the objectives of the Directorate for Lifelong Learning are to:

  • design a national strategy in lifelong learning;
  • bring about coordination in this sector by making optimal use of the diverse lifelong learning opportunities;
  • lift the barriers for participation in adult learning so that the overall participation is increased;
  • adopt the Action Plan on Adult Education as set out by the European Commission;
  • address the imbalances in participation in order to achieve a more equitable state of affairs;
  • to nurture creativity and promote the visual and performing arts;
  • provide undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to create more opportunities for further specialisation at higher levels of education, therefore increasing the availability and employment of high-level graduates in the priority sectors of the knowledge-based economy in Malta.


What we do?

A number of courses including Academic, Information Technology, Literacy, Numeracy, Crafts, Leisure and Creative Arts; that the Adult LifeLong Learning Directorate is offering in various adult learning centres throughout the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Adult Learners who wish to:

  • improve their academic qualifications;
  • seek employment or improve their chances for a better position at work;
  • be able to help their children in their homework or studies;
  • finish off their secondary or post-secondary education;
  • become computer literate;
  • obtain the ECDL certificate;
  • overcome literacy or numeracy problems;
  • learn a craft;
  • pursue some subjects for pleasure;
  • tap their creative resources through Art, Music or Drama