Research Institute for Development, Economy and Innovation – Accademia IRSEI APS

Who we are

We are a non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2019. At our Institute we promote studies, research, and projects in fields such as innovation, technology, sustainability and economy. IRSEI aims to create a new vision of education and work. This is based on training and in-service training courses, and on direct experience in the European project management field. We always pursue the objective of improving skills and motivation in our sectors of interest.

Our mission is to foster and support the development of individuals and communities through the creation of innovative tools in both educational and professional fields as well as through the promotion of social values, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

What we do

Our main activities are education, professional training and cultural activities of social interest for educational purposes. We also do scientific research carried out in social welfare. The non-formal trainings are aimed at school dropout prevention as well as bullying by supporting school success and tackling educational poverty. We organise and implement cultural, artistic and recreational activities including publishing which is aimed at promoting and spreading culture, volunteering opportunities and other social activities. These activities include the organisation and management of amateur sports.

We work on cooperating for development and spreading circular economy principles and practices among businesses. We promote and protect the human, civic, social and political rights of consumers and users of activities of general interest. Additionally, we promote equal opportunities and mutual aid initiatives including time banks and fair trade purchasing groups.

Our work revolves around youth involvement, but also youth workers, teachers and other professionals in cross-sectoral projects at international and EU levels. We carry out research, vocational training courses, workshops, educational training, and cultural initiatives. We promote and implement measures to include disadvantaged groups.


Best practices

  • Talk Retail – With Retail Talk training we offer multiple options for microlearning courses which help you develop your soft skills.
  • Star GrowthSustainable Tools and Activities for Rural Tourism and Ecotourism SME’s Growth. Check out the link to see the short video that presents the project call for selection addressed to tourism SMEs to foster their sustainable and digital transition.
  • Nature’s Mathematics YT Channel – By combining Interdisciplinary Teaching and MI Theory, we will create classroom activities that develop different areas of intelligence for each student so they can discover the best ways to learn and learn subjects in a multidimensional way.
  • Circular Loops – Project for circular economy from social enterprises. You can check our free training materials on the website.

  • Act – Practical Sustainable Learning for Youth aims at raising awareness on the topic of environmental sustainability. The project intends to shift the focus from environmental challenges to solutions by involving young people, including those with fewer opportunities, in the sustainable development action. One-day clean-up event organised simultaneously by Accademia IRSEI and the Danish partner Meridian Learning Center (video above).