Samtök Fullorðinsfræðsluaðila á Íslandi – Association for Adult Learning in Iceland (LEIKN)

Who we are?

Leikn promotes a common ground for those involved in adult learning within Iceland and acts as an advocate on their behalf with the government. The organization wishes to enable active discussion regarding continuous education and refresher courses. Those who have a right to join the organization are; providers of education outside of the formal education system, who are independent party associations who have as their main function the ability to offer adult learning, whilst working in the field of common good for the local community (non-profit) and are independent businesses

What we do?

  • To increase the information flow in the field of adult education
  • Communication and collaboration between different stakeholders (providers and government)
  • Increase foreign communication in the field of adult learning and also to monitor development, debate and changes in the field of the adult education sector in Europe
  • Development of a common ground in Iceland in order to promote an effective discussion and continuous learning among the adult education sector in Iceland