Who we are

Odyssea is a nonprofit organization that supports young vulnerable people to have access to employment opportunities in society. We provide tailored vocational and life-skills training combined with employability services that bridge young people with the world of work and empower them to realize their full potential.

What we do

Our programs include a state of the art vocational training Academy, an Employability office and Makerspace, a FabLab for social innovation.
• We offer free intensive vocational training courses assisting participants from vulnerable groups to develop valuable soft and hard skills for advancing their professional careers.
• We engage youth through STEM education and targeted skill development training, aiming to bridge the gap between mainstream universities and the labor market.
• We connect our trained beneficiaries with quality employment opportunities either through our network of successful companies or by assisting them in the creation of new enterprises.
• We empower through providing essential learning tools to increase self-reliance and raise their absorption within existing and future markets.

 Best practices

Joinclusion (ERASMUS 2022): Joint problem-solving strategy towards social inclusion of children with migrant background –
• SENSE.STEAM (HORIZON 2022): The New European Roadmap to STEAM Education – feed the talent pipeline, enable and promote vivid brain circulation and fresh innovation power to prepare the EU at large to solve today’s and societal challenges; to demonstrate added value of STEAM for science education
NADINE (HORIZON 2018) – a novel way of integrating migrants and refugees through ICT-enabled solutions that will automatically adapt to the specificity of each person.

Live Tour in the ODYSSEA Academy