Asociace Odborníků v Andragogice ČR, o. s. – Association of Czech Experts in Andragogy

Who we are?

The Association of Experts in Andragogy of the Czech Republic (AOA CR) is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals and legal entities working in the field of adult education. The aim of the Associations activities is to promote common interests and needs, to take care of the professionalism of its members and the services provided by them, thus contributing to the development of adult education.


What we do?

AOA CR represents its members and their activities in international associations, submits proposals and cooperates with state authorities in the preparation and implementation of legislative and other measures in the area of ​​adult education. Another objective of the Association is to cooperate with similar institutions, to coordinate the activities, exchange and disseminate professional information and experience among the members of the Association of Czech Experts in Andragogy.


Best practices

Education for a Better Future – professional publication avaiable in the Czech language

Stimulation of request for individual education by the form of presentation its importance and necessity for the future of every citizen