Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih Dante – Adult Education Institution Dante

Who we are?

Adult Education Institution Dante aims at contributing to the inclusion of more people in the formal and non-formal adult education programs.

It has been active since 1991. We offer courses in Italian, English, German and Croatian as a foreign language. We became a test centre for the international Italian language test, CILS, in 2008.


What we do?

We have an active participation in European projects and general contribution to improvement of the quality of educational offer and the life in the local community.

We have 25 years of successful work: our participation in professional trainings all around EU, participation in preparation activities, contact seminars, hosting 5 Grundtvig assistants, hosting partners during mobilities, organising international professional training, coordinating educational partnership, organizers of an international conference, actively involving persons over 50 in educational programmes, carrying out KA1 projects and partnership in KA2 projects, receiving the EK award for enhancing foreign language learning competences, developing and implementing a professional training program, team building for staff.

We also have experience in the field of adult education with a special focus on language teaching. We create and plan, organize and implement, monitor and evaluate teacher trainings and courses for teachers, educators and for the citizens. The trainings and courses can be finalized to the specific needs of the target groups. Mainly, our trainings are focused on development of new teaching methods starting reflecting on the following topics: pedagogy and andragogy, psychology, key competences for LLL, learning and teaching strategies, communication, interculturality, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, transferable skills. We also organize international conferences and learning events.


Best practices

2015-1-HR01-KA104-012967 – ERASMUS+ 31.12.2015.-30.12.2016. ”SPEAK OUT”
2015-1-NO01-KA204-013235 – ERASMUS+ 01.11.2015.-01.11.2017.”V.O.L.C.A.N.O”
2016-1-HR01-KA104-021984 – ERASMUS+ 01.09.2016.-31.08.2017.”CHANCE FOR ADVANCE”
2016-1-IS01-KA204-017085 – ERASMUS+ 03.10.2016-02.04.2019. ISLAND: Intercultural skills and learning activities for new development
2016-1-IT01-KA202-005535 – ERASMUS+ – 01.09.2016.-31.08.2019. E-TRAINERS – new skills and tools for VET
2016-1-BE01-KA204-016266 ERASMUS+ – 01.09.2016.-31.08.2018. BEATS for better job opportunities


Estudiante – the school newspaper
Language teaching methods – booklet
Let’s go through culture – brochure of projects’ final international conference