Katholisches Bildungswerk Kärnten (KBW)

Who we are

The „Katholisches Bildungswerk Kärnten” (KBW), is a certified, non-formal and non-profit catholic organization for the education of adults, located in the south of Austria. We cooperate with known partner institutions of adult education in our region and are member of the national “Forum of catholic adult education”.

Our guidelines

We represent a humanistic worldview, respect for human rights and the right to education for all.

What we do

We focus on people with all their challenges, needs and concerns and permanently develop educational opportunities for our target groups.
We create spaces for encounter and dialogue and offer conversations that allow people to look to the future with confidence.
Our lectures, seminars and workshops take place face-to-face and digitally and support our participants preventively, acutely and sustainably in coping with their life situations.


Our main target groups:

• Educational work for seniors
We established senior group which are led by educated senior trainers.
Seniors are offered the opportunity to train their memory, practice everyday skills and promote their mobility.

• Parent education
Our offers in parent education, which habe a strengthening, supportive and encouraging effect, ensure more ease and joy in everyday family life. Parents expand their own resources and develop their own strength in order to support their children in a loving and empowering way.

• Work with people with migration experience
For 10 years our HIPPY (Home instruction for parents of preschool youngsters) has been offering home visits for parents of children between the ages of 3 and 7. This international project is a successful, holistic integration program.

• Prison education
We organize the education programme for our local prison and offer a great variety of courses to enable education and personal development for inmates.


– LEADER project “Education strengthens – digitalization, health and sustainability”
We organize courses, workshops and seminars on these topics together with local political communities in Carinthia. (2020 – 2022)

– “Education behind bars”: KA1-project for prison education. (2021 – 2022)

– Partner in a KA2 projects about “Developing new methods in senior education” (2020 – 2022)