Associazione Universita’ Popolare Libera Universita’ Delle Culture Europee (LUCE) – Association Popular University LUCE

Who we are

“CULTURE is the LIGHT of the SOUL”.
The Popular University L.U.C.E. is:
A) the European coordinator of the UNAI (United Nations Academic Impact),
B) accredited to the MIUR (Ministry of Public Education),
C) certified UNI ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO: 21101: 2018
D) member UNIEDA (Unione Italiana di educazione degli adulti)
E) Editor of BOOKS, a paper magazine (Report European News), a Web Radio ( and a scientific magazine REPORT HEALTH.
F) Acts in collaboration with VALIDACERT National Professional Association for the certification of innovative and technological skills
We build success with ambition of our aspirations and we make it happen with the effectiveness of our skills
The philosophy of UNIVERSITA ‘POPOLARE LUCE is to invest in brilliant and innovative individuals, certifying and validating the skills for talents who have no boundaries and aim to achieve goals of excellence. The activity of UNIVERSITA ‘POPOLARE LUCE extends to its students and professionals, who collaborate on an equal footing with their mentors and receive the scientific foundations they
need to be successful in academia, industry and as institutional managers.

Our programmes offer:

  • Flexibility and independence
  • Supportive mentoring by scientific leaders
  • Resources and technology to explore

What we do

The pursuit of objectives takes place through various initiatives, pursuant to Legislative
Decree 117/2017, including:

  • training and advanced training activities, certification and validation of skills, masters and all educational activities provided for by international and national regulations;
  • VALIDATION AND VALIDATION OF VAE SKILLS (Validation of Experience) and RVA (Recognition, Validation and Accreditation)
  • Freelancers and citizens with over 6 years of experience can take advantage of a great opportunity to be recognized, validated and validated the professional experiences acquired.

On the website, the presentation of the procedures for the VALIDATION OF THE ACQUIRED EXPERIENCE (VAE) and for the RECOGNITION, VALIDATION AND ACCREDITATION (RVA) and the application form.

  • participation in intervention programs in the field of international development cooperation, or decentralized cooperation, designed by public or private bodies responsible for this function;
  • raising of funds for the financing of own projects, of organisms national, international and areas of use of the interventions themselves;
  • organization and implementation of “Education for Solidarity for Development and International Cooperation” activities.

Best practices

  2. PNRR Europroject
  3. 10 PRINCIPLES UNAI (United Nations Academic Impact)