Making Education Accessible and Inclusive for Families, Parents and Family Carers: COFACE and EAEA call for a ‘Family Test’ in EU Education and Training Policies

The family perspective is often neglected in EU policies

Everyone has the right to education, training and lifelong learning, as enshrined in the European Pillar of Social Rights. Yet, many people in Europe cannot enjoy this right because systemic barriers make it difficult to access education and training. These obstacles disproportionately affect parents and family carers and, in particular, those that may be at increased risk of social exclusion and poverty, including single mothers, parents caring for children with disabilities, and low-income families. While EU education and training policies recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion, the family perspective is often neglected. This translates into less effective programmes, excluding those who may benefit the most from training and lifelong learning.

Calling for a ‘Family Test’ in all EU education and training policies

COFACE and EAEA ask the EU to introduce a ‘Family Test’ to ensure that all education and training programmes funded or promoted by the EU are accessible by design for families, parents, and caregivers. Including the family perspective in EU education and training policies has the potential to remove substantial barriers that still hinder the enjoyment of the right to education, training and lifelong learning for many.

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