Large Pack

Large Pack (10.000€)

This is the pack for a little more ambitious projects, networks and organisations that already have a visible presence online and offline but with to push the envelope a little, test new information tools and services, and develop their information services.

Services include:

  • All the services of the Medium Pack;
  • Extended recipient scouting (we locate a number of interested parties in the countries where the project is active, and make sure they are informed. 10–15 contacts/country);
  • Multilingual services (web services in several languages, wholly or partly translated, excluding EAEA News service);
  • Website with own project web design (colours, navigation);
  • Presence at topical conferences/seminars (EAEA locates and attends (if needed) topical conferences/seminars in the name of the project, spreading project results and leaflets;
  • Topical RSS channel (the possibility to stream project news, events and results via RSS to other web sites, and to RSS-readers;
  • Media service (Production of project press releases (1–2/year) and forwarding them to media.