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Escuelas para la Vida - Schools for life

Who we are?

  • A non-governmental organization (NGO).
  • A group committed to having a supportive social coexistence.
  • People struggling for Justice of the forgotten and marginalized.
  • A group that advocates the active social engagement (non-violent).


What we do?

Create a male / female adult, autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed to their personal development.

Promote an order socio – economic right, that you value the person above any other value or interest.


Through the culture that enhances “Being” on “The take”, promoting lifelong learning, both the regulated and the non formal.


At the farm school “The Apiary” located in an estate of the Langa, Huete, basin district.

Who do we work with?

We work with young people who have different types of problems which prevent them from the success in life.


1. Achieve the full personalization of man as an individual and as a social being.

2. Offer a comprehensive alternative to the depersonalization, alienation, violence, inequality, delictividad and social death of people marginalized by addictive dependency, dual disorder, alternative to prison or with HIV/AIDS from a new educational model that enhances the person, group, the critical attitude and solidarity.

3. Purchased by students in the skills and sufficient tools to normalize his life to level personal, psychological, biological, labor and family level.

4. Ensure that the individual acquires the necessary instruments to become subject of its own evolutionary process achieving:

a. the necessary self-esteem and security psychological to reach their self-realization.

b. sufficient critical awareness to the manipulation of the media by making them aware of the need to become involved in the transformation of the consumer society.

5. Promote the necessary mechanisms so the subject knows which are the personal and social causes that induce him: the habit of dependency-addictive and/or criminal, consequences of dual disorder, or other behaviors alienating, unsympathetic and individualistic, seeking alternatives custom and group to achieve the transformation of his life and of his environment.

6. To facilitate the knowledge of the progress of all kinds of treatments for people with the described problems that allow them to achieve a better quality of life and a new lifestyle.


Best practices

Promotion of distance learning courses in the field of formal education:

  • High school graduate

Students are enrolled in the strain “Lucas Aguirre” doing the free trial to get the graduate in secondary or in the classroom of adults “Altamira” of Tarancón, where belong the students enrolled during the academic year.

  • High school

They are enrolled at this level, students taking the graduate in secondary, and have 25 years or more, to be able to access test.

These students belonging to the Institute “Alfonso VIII” and the form of participation is not face-to-face.

  • Access to the University

In this mode are enrolled all students over the age of 25 years (which are the majority), belonging to the Universidad de Educación a Distancia (UNED), performing tests in the associate Center of Cuenca.

  • College career (Humanities)

All students who left College studying or who have passed the entrance examination for over 25 years, are enrolled in the course to deal with these studies.

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